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Get To Know Me – 20 things to know about mummytologan

Hi, so I thought i would share with you 20 facts that you may or may or may not know about me if you’ve stalked all my social medias which i doubt you have then the majority of these facts you won’t know. This is in no way a tag but if you would like to share 20 facts about yourself as well, then feel free to share with me on my twitter and use the #mtologan20facts.

  1.  My middle name is Isabella
  2.  I have a bachelor’s degree in creative media computing
  3.  I love all kinds of animals except for spiders and moths
  4.  I am T-TOTAL (meaning i don’t and have never drunk, or smoked)
  5.  I have 3 brothers and 1 step brother
  6.  I have been with Robbie, almost 5 years
  7.  I don’t own anything pink
  8. I love wearing men’s t-shirts – they’re just more comfortable
  9. I don’t wear makeup unless there’s a party or gathering
  10.  My natural hair colour is mousy brown
  11.  Growing up my dream job was Orthodontist
  12. I had fixed braces for 4 and a half years
  13. I have 11 GCSE’s and a triple distinction in BTEC ICT
  14. I have congenital anosmia (no sense of smell)
  15. My father in law is also married to my mum (go figure)
  16. I used to be a full on emo/scene girl – black eyeliner was my best friend
  17. I have never been to a nightclub
  18. I know I’m overweight but my anxiety stops me from stepping foot in a gym
  19. If I could I’d love to own a farm/zoo
  20. And last but not least, If you were to meet me in person then the first thing you will probably notice about me is my….eyebrows – i can’t be arsed with grooming them #caradelavinecopiedme

Hope you all enjoyed learning a bit more about me, until next time. Bye bye x


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